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New Collection - Bag & Leather Accessories – Handmade in Berlin

Mini Leather Shoulder/Crossbody. Designer Bag. Handmade in Berlin/Germany.
Mini Leather Shoulder/Crossbody. Designer Bag. Handmade in Berlin/Germany.

Thanks to our success of men fashion accessories on the market, we have been often asked from our loyal customers and fans from time to time to develop women accessories collection. Right time has come. We have decided to develop and create a timeless yet practical bag collection and leather accessories for both women and men (Unisex) for the daily commute and travel. This timeless piece focus mainly on functionalities of the item with great quality materials. To meet this vision, we choose to work with water repellent fabrics and leathers. Most of our leather is of cow, sheep, buffalo, and goat hides.

Leather hide for our bag production von Heng Fashion. Handmade with love from Berlin
Baffollo and Cowhide use in our bag collection

Five new product lines has been created. Bag (leather and water repellent), wallet (minimalistic slim design), Passport cover (top traveler accompany, all travel necessaries fit), keychains (organizers of keys to avoid daily hectic), and pencil pouch (stationery pouch).

Small Shoulder/Crossbody Leather Bag. New collection from Heng Fashion
Small Shoulder/Crossbody Leather Bag. New collection from Heng Fashion

Where is our materials coming from? As a micro business, we try our best to find the right contacts within the industry. We support and work with local fabrics and leather suppliers. Most of them are small family fabrics producers or suppliers. We pay a lot attention to the impact of materials we use in our collection. We use Italian leather hide which is known for its best and elegance quality but also some German and Scandinavian hide.

The water repellent fabrics is of medium weight fabrics circa 350-650g per square meter. Each color choice has a bit different heavy or light weight than one another. Leather handle for shoulder (circa. 50cm length) and circa 1m length full body cross over. Two big pocket both front and backside for easy access. The fastener make it easy and safe (anti-thief function). Two extra small pockets inside for phones, wallet, and keychains, etc. All-in-one functionality, 13’’5-14’’ inch (appro.35cm) laptop can fit to both front and back side pocket. Enough room inside the main panel for bigger laptop or books.

What does it means ‘’handmade in berlin’’ by us? As a small studio, we produce, sew, cut, stamp and so forth on our own. From pattern making, sampling, revising and finalizing the collection until the final product is made in our studio. The production is rather small. Some are more of unique piece which would not be found anywhere else.

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