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Wäre doch ein guter Start ins neue Jahr, wenn man gleich etwas Gutes tun kann. Ich möchte Ihnen dieses Crowdfunding Projekt ans Herz legen, bei dem ich ehrenamtlich mitarbeite. Es dient Projekten in Nepal, durch die Behinderte Menschen dort eine Ausbildung, einen Job und ein eigenes, faires Einkommen erzielen können. Vielleicht vergleichbar mit Behindertenwerkstätten in Deutschland, nur das es solche Einrichtungen in Nepal kaum gibt. Bitte unterstützen Sie das Projekt, jeder Euro hilft und gibt Menschen Zuversicht und Hoffnung. Vielen Dank! ​ Would it not be a great start into the New Year to do something good. I really want to recommend this crowdfunding project to all of you, which I voluntary support with my experience and work. It is a project which helps disabled people in Nepal to get a education, a job training, work and their own income. Please support this project, every Euro helps and gives confidence and hope. Thanks a lot!

SUPPORT PROJECT FOR BIA Foundation Hey Karma Heroes,  like you know Mondays we introduce to you the Designers for our BIA T-Shirt project. We wish you all a happy new year 2017.  A new year means you make some resolutions. We think a very good resolution is to be like water!  A Bodhisattva should be like water because he can adapt to each situation and cares about finding a good solution.  We also think this are the right shirts for Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli e.V.Walter Wasser But now, Friends, this is Seiha.  Seiha has a background of project management of the school of Economics in his home country, Cambodia. He has worked for development projects both in Cambodia and Southeast Asia for disadvantaged children and women. There where his passion for textile and fashion design emerged.  Currently, he is based in Berlin as a self-employed designer for Menswear and accessories, mainly handmade in Berlin in his own studio. visit Seiha HengHeng Fashion He is a Buddhist from birth.Being part of the BIA team for fundraising is an honor for him, but also to keep his charity work to support the women and children from disadvantage communities, which was the most profound experience he has collected along the way. Support us and buy our shirts – made with love on: www.startnext.com/dharmadoo

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